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Biography: David Mahood, LEED AP

Save Our State Sustainable Business Award presentation with keynote speaker, Amory Lovins.

David Mahood Bio:   David Mahood, LEED AP, is an independent consultant and principal
of Olive Designs, an environmentally focused commercial furniture manufacturer.

In 2009, Mahood joined his consulting services with those of Jeanne Varney to form
Olive Hospitality Consulting.  He provides consulting services to commercial, residential, hospitality, and other furniture and furniture related manufacturing operations. His services
also include a comprehensive overview of sustainability training to organizations within the
home furnishings and hospitality markets.  After founding Olive Designs in 1998, an enterprise committed to a reduced environmental footprint, Mahood began offering sustainable manufacturing consulting services in 2004 as a result of the quantity of inquiries, requests, and demands of his expertise.  His services include all aspects of “green” design development and manufacturing, as well as general sustainability training.  He has assisted manufacturers locate sustainable materials, eliminate potential harmful toxic processes, create simpler, more recyclable designs, reduce energy and pre-industrial waste, and create a template for transition to sustainable practices for a major importer of hospitality furnishings. Mahood is the VP, Sustainable Hospitality, NEWH, and a member of the NEWH Sustainable Hospitality committee.  He is also a founding board member, and chair of the standards committee, of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an organization noted for its efforts in creating sustainable product and services platforms for the home furnishings industry.

In 2007, Mahood began a short-term consultancy for SENADA, an Indonesian competitive development organization, to offer Sustainable 101 training to ten home accessory and home furnishings producers located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Mahood has twenty-four years of experience in the furniture industry, and has gained valuable knowledge of the manufacturing operations of domestic (U.S. based) wood producers prior to the creation of his own company and of Indonesian product suppliers as of 2007 and 2008. It was his intricate knowledge of the furniture industry and his keen interest in the preservation of the diversity of the planet that led him to the creation of Olive Designs in 1998.


Mike Ernst, Woods Hole Research Center, IT, coordinated
facility purchases for renowned Gilman Ordway Campus in Falmouth, MA.

“A leading consultant in ‘green’ furniture manufacturing, David has an insider’s
knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes coupled with the
environment sensibility of a true believer.”

Barbara Filippone, Founder and President,
EnviroTextiles LLC / SBP® Project Team, LLC

“Olive Designs has been at the forefront of design and development of sustainably
made contract industry furniture.”

Carson Norcross, Dir. of Sales, Mark David
“David provides us with not only our basic environmental education relative to the hospitality industry, but also challenges us to be a better company. Not because it’s the fad however, but because it’s the right thing to do. His professionalism and in-depth knowledge of sustainability is moving and quite awesome. David is guiding us to not only create our story on how we can supply a more environmentally friendly product, but is also guiding us to give back and help our local areas.”

Paulus Mintarga, Prima Putra Bengawan, Indonesia
“I'd also like to express our deep appreciation for giving us so much valuable
information and making us know more about our strengths and weaknesses.”



Speaking Engagements

NEWH Leadership Conference, 2009, Panel speaker,
Sustainability: Vision of Pioneers
Topic covered the social meaning of sustainability through the eyes of pioneers

SENADA, Sustainability 101, February, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Topic covered sustainable information and approach for Indonesia

Sustainable Furniture Council, April 9, Panel speaker,
“Great Starts, Smart Parts.”

NEWH Board Presentation, Enviro Initiatives, HD Expo ,
Las Vegas, NV

NEWH Chapter programs on sustainability, Virginia Chapter, 10/20,
Sunshine Chapter, 11/14

NEWH Leadership Conference, Niagara Falls, CAN. Panel Speaker,
“Is Sustainable Attainable?”

NEWH New England Chapter, Boston, MA. Keynote Speaker,
“Sustainable Hospitality”
Topic covered a general overview of sustainability as it relates to the hospitality industry

NeoCon, 2007, Chicago, IL. Session speaker, “Sustainable Hospitality”
Topic covered a general overview of sustainability as it relates to the hospitality industry

UNCG, September, 2007. Industrial Design Workshop class.
Guest speaker, Sustainable Design.
Presentation covered basics of sustainable design and
history of environmental influence

Green+Design, Atlanta, GA. Panel speaker, “Sustainable Hospitality: the Reality.”
Topic covered sustainable hotels from architects and manufacturers perspective

NEWH Atlanta Chapter, Oct. 25, Panel speaker,
“Is Sustainable Attainable? SLAM”
Topic covered sustainable hotels from hotelier, designer, and manufacturer’s viewpoints and role play to allow attendee participation and mock sustainable hotel project.

Triangle Net Impact, Durham, NC. Celebrity Networker,
Speed Networking Event

IH/M & R Show, NYC. Panel speaker, “Is Sustainable Attainable?”
Topic covered sustainable hotels from hotelier, designer, and manufacturer’s viewpoints.

IIDA chapter Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. Keynote Speaker,
“Broadening the Green Horizon”
Topic covered “green” design and products, and the effects of overconsumption.