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Consulting Services

Olive Hospitality Consulting offers a range of services for the general hospitality marketplace. Our joint experience is an asset to any company seeking to transition to more sustainable practices.

The diversity of our approach and services can be a catalyst to change. Our programs target the following businesses and groups:

Product Manufactures
Product Designers
Individual hotels
Management Companies
Purchasing Groups
Meeting Planners
Inhabitants of Planet Earth
planning on staying

Services / How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

Adopting sustainable practices, programs, etc. can be a daunting challenge. Let’s face it, change is hard. In some cases, many very wise and sensible measures are already in place. But how can I as a business take more company-wide steps to improve my environmental stewardship? How do I distinguish my efforts as an organization from others taking similar steps? Our property has a limited budget for the immediate foreseeable future, how can we afford to be “green?”


Olive Hospitality Consulting recognizes that each client has its own individual goal and its own distinct rate of progress. No client mirrors another. We customize an approach designed to meet the specific requirements of each. We have provided services based on single projects or on total company transition. Manufactures seeking to offer more sustainable products have a different starting point than manufactures seeking FSC certified wood for a guestroom armoire project. An existing hotel property attempting to reach out to the “green” consumer will have a different set of challenges than a new hotel in design. Olive Hospitality Consulting synthesizes these challenges and customizes a plan that allows our customer to begin making an immediate transition to the future. Let’s get started!

Consulting Services:

  1. Operational Audits
    • Hotel
    • Manufacturing
    • Office/Warehouse
    • Sales and Marketing
  2. Marketing, Branding and Promotional Strategies
    • Marketing Plans
    • Brand Development
    • Product/Service Promotion
    • Selling the Value Proposition
    • Environmental writing and messaging
  3. Green Meetings
    • How to Develop a Green Meeting
    • How to Execute a Green Meeting
  4. Introduction to Certifications
    • LEED
    • Green Seal
    • EcoLogo M/ Audubon Green Leaf
    • Energy Star
    • Green Hotel Initiatives
    • Green Globe 21/ Earthcheck Science
    • Green Key (CAN)
    • EU Ecolabel
    • Sustainable Tourism Certification Network
    • Miscellaneous State Certification Programs
  5. Sustainable Product Design
    • Introduction to sustainable design
    • Chain of Supply
      • Code of Conduct
    • Sustainable Concepts and Product Development
  6. Sustainable Product Sourcing
    • Olive Hospitality Product Assessment Template
  7. Sustainability Lecturing and Training